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The economic development of Internet

A short history of the Internet
The Internet has existed since the late 1960s when a limited number of computers were connected in the United states to form the Arpanet.
This was mainly used to enable academics and military personnel to exchange defence information.
The Internet
The Internet is a physical network that links computers across the globe. It consists of network servers and wide-area communication that
are used to hold and transport the vast amount of information on the internet.
Why then has the Internet only recently been widely adopted for
business purposes? The recent growth in the use of the Internet has
occurred because of the development of the World Wide Web.The World
Wide Web changed the Internet from a difficult-to-use tool for
academics and technicians to an easy-to-use tool for finding information
for businesses and consumers.
It can be considered as an interlinked publishing medium for displaying
graphic and text information. This information is stored on server
computers and then accessed by users who run web browser programs
such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator which
display the information and allow users to select links to access other
web sites (the process known as ‘surfing’).
From the Internet to intranets and extranets Intranet and extranet are two terms that have arisen in the 1990s to describe applications of Internet technologies that do not involve with customers, but with company staff (intranet) and third parties such as suppliers and distributors (extranet). While everyone connected to the Internet can access a company Internet web site, only those who have been given authorisation can access an intranet or extranet.
Extranets provide exciting opportunities to communicate with major
customers since tailored information such as special promotion,
electronic catalogues and order histories can be provided on web page
personalised for each customer.


Electronic commerce over the Internet is a new way of conducting business. Though only three years old, it has the potential to radically
alter economic activities and the social environment. Already, it affects
large sectors as communications, finance and retail trade. It holds
promise in areas such as education, health and government .The
largest effects may be associated not with many of the impacts that
command the most attention (e.g. customised products, the elimination
of middlemen) but with less visible, but potentially more pervasive,
effects on routine business activities (e.g. ordering office supplies,
paying bills, and estimating demand).

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I. Introduction Print section Advertising, collective term for public announcements designed to promote the sale of specific commodities or services. Advertising is a form of mass selling, employed when the use of direct, person-to-person selling is impractical,impossible, or simply inefficient. It is to be distinguished from other activities intended to persuade the public, such as propaganda, publicity, and public relations. Advertising techniques range in complexity from the publishing of simple, straightforward notices in the classified-advertising columns of newspapers to the concerted use of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, direct mail, and other communications media in the course of a single advertising campaign. From its unsophisticated beginnings in ancient times, advertising has burgeoned into a worldwide industry. In the U.S. alone in the late 1980s, approximately $120 billion was spent in a single year on advertising to influence the purchase of commodities and services. American advertising leads the world not only in volume of business but in the complexity of its organization and of its procedures. For these reasons, this article deals primarily with advertising in the U.S. Modern advertising is an integral segment of urban industrial civilization, mirroring

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