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The Blues Tree - l'Albero del Blues

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6 Work songs were executed a cappella, like the spirituals; secular songs of another genre were accompanied by instruments. Among the first instruments of the slaves there were drums and the banjo, an instruments of African origin; afterwards, other instruments, such as flute, violin and guitar, were adopted. Violin, guitar and banjo often made up the band that accompanied the dances and that sometimes used also improvised instruments obtained by home utensils such as tubs and earthen pots. In North America, the first African slaves were sent to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. From the second half of the XVII° century onwards, with the development of plantations in the Southern colonies, the number of African slaves increased enormously and became an essential element for the economy. The blues originates and develops after the enslavement of the black communities in the Southern States’ regions. The blacks, torn away from their lands, reduced to the lowest rung of human society, could have carried nothing with them except the memory of the virgin and innocent condition of their origins, in addition to a rough, primitive instrument that, at the core of a naïve nature, had stimulated and stressed the beat of the first musical emotion: the drum. In its first form, the blues was a singing without accompaniment but the clapping of hands. This was the first expressive stage of the blues that later in its musical development admitted the use of guitars as accompanying instruments, and then of a piano for the same purpose.

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