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"The Masque of Queens" di Ben Jonson

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17 PREFACE It increasing now to the third time of my being used in these services to her Majesty’s Personal Presentations, with the Ladies whom she pleaseth to honour, it was my first and special regard to see that the nobility of the invention should be answerable to the dignity of their persons. For Which reason I chose the argument to be, A celebration of honourable and true Fame bred out of Virtue; observing the rule of the best artist(1), to suffer no object of delight to pass without his mixture of profit and example. And because her Majesty (best knowing that a principal part of life in these spectacles, lay in their variety) had commended me to think on some dance, or shew, that might precede hers, and have the place of a foil or false masque; I was careful to decline, not only from others’, but mine own steps in that kind, since the last year(2) I had an antimasque of boys and, therefore, now devis’d that twelve women, in the habit of hags or witches, sustaining the persons of Ignorance, Suspicion, Credulity etc., the opposites to Good Fame, should fill that part, not as a masque, but a spectacle of strangeness, producing multiplicity of gesture and not unaptly sorting with the current and whole fall of the device. First then, his Majesty being set and the whole company in full expectation, that which presented itself was an ugly Hell; which, flaming beneath, smoked unto the top of the roof. And in respect all evils are morally from Hell; as also from that observation of Torrentius upon Horace’s Canidia(3), “Quae tot instructa venenis, ex Orci faucibus profecta videri posit”; these witches, with a kind of hollow and infernal music came forth from thence.

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Anteprima della tesi: "The Masque of Queens" di Ben Jonson, Pagina 14

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