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Culture, tourism and Fascism in Venice 1919-1945

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12 These themes are developed through the process of addressing a number of fundamental questions. Were the cultural politics of Venice a straightforward vehicle for Fascist rhetoric and the creation of a national consciousness, or were such concerns combined with and balanced against pragmatic, non-ideological purposes? How did the Fascist regime’s expressed desire for a ‘mobilisation of mass culture’ interact with the city authorities’ own priority of revitalizing the economy through the benefits of traditional cultural events? How far, and with what degree of commitment, did Venice acknowledge Fascist rhetoric within her economic plans to rejuvenate the area? These questions raise numerous important issues, and the answers to them may produce an interpretation of Italian Fascism that sits uneasily with the image of a totalitarian state penetrating every level of Italian society, a view of the regime commonly associated with the new cultural historians. 49 Instead, it can be demonstrated that life in Italy under Fascism could in several important respects remain relatively unaffected by state or party intrusion and were more usually characterised by a sense of continuity from the Liberal era through to the post-war Republican regime. 49 See for instance, Gentile, ‘Fascism as political religion’, p. 241.

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