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Web Accessibility: a Blind Look at the ''Pompeii Website''

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Francesco Scariolo Memoria di Licenza 6 display, which was accessible to blind people because of the simplicity of use, compared with the modern, picture-filled, graphics and visual objects, multimedia systems. An example that depicts this situation is the archaeological Pompeii website that displays the situation at the moment of the eruption, various restorations, works in progress and above all archaeological sites. The intention of this work is to provide the web project manager with the instrument to (re)design the web site of Pompeii in an accessible way by proposing an analysis of the problems and supplying the instruments to resolve them. The first question asked was: how is it possible to improve accessibility in the case study website? This question may seem banal because a lot of laws and recommendations that guide web designers on how to create accessible web pages, for blind people, are already available. However, this study aims to take existing research in the area, evaluate it along with the case study and interviews and then to resolve the website accessibility issues by contributing new heuristics to the current research. 1.2. Handicap and disabilities Handicap is a social phenomenon, a disadvantageous condition that is the direct consequence of an infirmity or a disability. This situation limits or prevents a “normal” 2 social role in relation to the age, gender and socio-economic status of a person and therefore also prevents communication. It can be interpreted as the result of the contact between the physical and the social environment that means that the more these environments are comfortable and suitable for any person, the less will be their handicap. For instance, if a person has a wooden leg and therefore is a mildly disabled when walking on the street, this will become a greater disability when walking on a steep mountain path. The same thing applies to a blind person that in the darkness does not display his blindness (please note that for the rest of the text “he” will be used for ease of expression), but in the presence of the light gives visibility to this kind of disability. Unfortunately, the disability remains and problems with regard to it remain too. There are different kinds of disabilities and in this study blindness will be the core focus. To introduce the reader to the problem of disability, a brief description of the four disability categories will be provided. Every disability is an obstacle to the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and therefore also to the web. 2 Intended as “usual” for the bigger part of the population

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