Irrigated agriculture and rural communities in Uzbekistan

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Irrigated Agriculture and Rural Communities in Uzbekistan Manuela Moy Master Educazione alla Pace Page 3 distortions remain prevalent (Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), farmers often have less money for maintenance and no incentives towards a more efficient and sustainable water use. The paper is structured in the following sections. The first part will describe the current status of the Aral Sea to give an understanding of the social, economic and environmental crisis affecting the five basin countries with a focus on the Uzbek context. After a brief survey into the history of cotton production in Central Asia before and during the Russian colonisation, part two describes the main features of the Soviet planned economy and how cotton economy shaped the relations between State élites in Uzbekistan and focuses on the aspects of the agrarian transition, the processes of land privatization and farm restructuring that have taken place in Uzbekistan since independence. In part three institutional changes and differences in water management prior to and after independence are examined, as well as major problems resulting from unsustainable water use. The final chapter concentrates on the introduction of local participatory management practices in Uzbekistan and the WUAs experience, highlighting the need for institutional reforms and transformations. The purpose of this paper is to identify some challenges and opportunities to the management of water resources in Central Asia, with specific reference to Uzbek context, and the role participatory approach can play. Despite the obvious need for rehabilitation, in fact, it appears fundamental to put farmers at the centre of the agricultural policy reform: they need to have a stake in decisions related to water

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