Il Pianoforte come espressione dell'anima: viaggio tra cinema e realtà

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2 the only one, of developing my thesis, because they let me show the great influence the piano may have on a pianist’s life: he can be the last hope in difficult situations, as in the case of Wladyslaw Szpilman who succeded in overcoming the terrible experience of the holocaust, thanks to his love for piano and his hope of starting to play him again, that is of coming back to normal life; for Ada McGrath he was the only way of communicating with the world, while for Novecento he was an “instrument” with which to interpret reality and for David Helfgott he was a reason for beginning a new life after a tragic experience. Obviously in these examples the piano plays a role of protagonist, as does the pianist who plays him. Actually, in the history of cinema he has often played minor parts, such as at the time of silent cinema, whose main representative was the great Charlie Chaplin, where the music of the piano emphasized the different scenes of the film, or at the time of the American musicals starring Frank Sinatra and the excellent Spanish-American pianist Jose Iturbi, where the piano accompanied the main songs of the films. Of course we cannot forget the great role of soundtrack for a love he had in Casablanca, a cult movie by Michael Curtiz, with the incomparable Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, and that of "crowd stirrer" he had when he accompanied the incessant vocalism of Jerry Lee Lewis, played by Dennis Quaid in Great Balls of Fire.

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