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Herbert Marcuse's notion of Technology and its importance for the contemporary Filipino family

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13 act as a single social organism.” 10 Like Huxley, Herbert Marcuse lucidly characterized contemporary industrialized society as machine that controls over the lives of persons. 11 Clearly then, Marcuse strongly criticizes modern technology for it signals the emergence of the new forms of social control. Hence, freedom, in the age of mechanization and automation, is not anymore conceived as the ability to truly express one’s self. Rather, freedom is defined in terms of one’s ability to prove one’s self in the technologically oriented society. Garza further explains that Marcuse’s essay (i.e., The New Forms of Control) is insinuating that modern humans become a “slave to the grind.” 12 To this, persons are no longer the one who determines the fate of technology but it is the other way around. In his article “The Naked Marx,” Robert Young describes Marcuse’s One- Dimensional Man as an “indictment of the social order of advanced industrial societies, where humans are dehumanized by institutions which mystify them and contain all social change by means of repressive tolerance.” 13 Furthermore, Young identifies Marcuse as Freud converted into a sort of an eroticised Marxist. He contends that, for Marcuse, biological repression as a form of repressive tolerance is not itself the problem (as Freud believes it to be) but the problem stems from the additional ‘surplus repression’ produced by the specific historical institution of the 10 Guadalupe Daniel Garza, “An Article Review on Marcuse’s ‘The New Forms of Control’,” [article on-line]; available from; 07 February 2003]. 11 Ibid. 12 Ibid. 13 Robert Young, “The Naked Marx,” [article on-line]; vailable from; 07 February 2004].

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