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Un caleidoscopio di femminilità: il caso di Desdemona nell'Othello di William Shakespeare

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56 believe that a woman can be unfaithful to her husband, while Emilia says that she would be unfaithful, if she could obtain the whole world. Emilia and Desdemona are very different, but the character of Emilia changes during the play, just like Desdemona is. At the beginning of the tragedy she only seems to care about herself. She doesn’t want to disappoint anyone, she only wants to avoid problems. But when she notices something strange in the relationship between Othello and Desdemona, she begins to defend her Lady, until the end. When Desdemona dies, and Iago’s conspiration against Othello is clear, Emilia accuses her husband and condemns the foolishness of Othello. She becames the rebel heroine, previously personified by Desdemona, and she dies, killed by Iago, next to her Lady. In the last chapter I have compared Desdemona’s behaviour with the ideal of woman shown in the guides to good conduct, written in the Sixteenth Century. According to these books, a good woman, and a good wife, has to obey her father and her husband. She has to be silent, wear plain dresses and be a good housewife. If we consider Desdemona, it is easy to see that she doesn’t represent the model woman and wife required in that period. What I have tried to demonstrate is the importance that a character like Desdemona has in the female vision of life, and the subversive effect she has probably had in the minds of women during all these centuries. She represents the possibility of free choice, the independence of a mind, and a soul, that cannot be put into chains by the will of a sexist society.

Anteprima della Tesi di Vera Maria Morreale

Anteprima della tesi: Un caleidoscopio di femminilità: il caso di Desdemona nell'Othello di William Shakespeare, Pagina 3

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