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Ibn Hazm's concept of ijma'

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10 immediate denunciation was one of many reasons for his expulsion from his village by Abū al-Walīd al-Bājī and his fellows, 22 with whom Ibn H . azm had held a debate. 23 Ibn H . azm attacked his opponents so severely that his harsh language was compared to the sword of al-H . ajjāj. 24 However, Ibn H . azm was not totally wrong in his argument. O.A. Farrukh said about him as follows: “Ibn H . azm was a polemist by nature, and often right in his contentions…. Yet, he is to blame for the harsh language he used in his attacks on all religions and sects indiscriminately. On some occasions he attacked even some of those who shared with him the same doctrine.” 25 Though Ibn H . azm was often right in his contentions, he was unable to convince his opponents and to bring them to his side. His teachings remained unpopular in his time. 26 We are told that his writings were sufficient to be a heavy camel load ( ﺮѧﻴﻌﺑ ﺮѧﻗو), 27 but most of them did not go beyond the gate of his village Lablah, due to the aversion of the fuqahā’ (jurisprudents) towards them. Some of these writings were burned and torn to pieces at Seville. 28 As a polemic writer who was defending his views, Ibn H . azm often did not mention his opponents by name, but rather the school to which they belonged. Because either he did not know their names, or when he did he was more concerned with refuting their views. Moreover, some of the contentions were merely suppositions raised and answered by Ibn H . azm himself. 29 As a scholar who had studied the different schools and sects of Islam, Ibn H . azm came to the conclusion that the true school was the Z . āhirī, while the other schools were false. 30 In his assertions, he never doubted the truth of his views and the falsehood of that of his opponents. This attitude was in contrast to that of other scholars who doubted the truth of their views and the falsehood of their opponents. 31 Moreover, Ibn H . azm’s attachment with respect to his own views prevented him from changing his opinion, for he obviously considered himself had found the truth. 32 For him, holding any discussion or debate was merely a means to prove the truth of his views and the falsity of that of his opponents, and not a means of reaching the truth. 33

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