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Towards a Christian Pastoral Approach to Cambodian Culture

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Gerard Ravasco 10 In Cambodia, the present Khmers claimed that they were descended from the Neak Ta (ancestral spirits) who had been the first settlers in a given region. The ancestors, in turn, were seen as responsible for a community’s well-being, expressed in terms of agricultural production, peace, and good health. In short they were animists. Seanglim Bit comments on this: Folk religious beliefs in spirit worship and the supernatural existed in Cambodia long before the Hindu influences. An array of guardian spirits (both benign and malevolent) called “Neak Ta” inhabited the mountains, rice paddies, trees, etc. of the physical environment. Others were ancestral spirits, and still others are composites of mythological heroes from legends… The cults combined astrology, magic, animism, sorcery, talismanism, etc. in attempts to tap the spirit world for its magical powers to provide the protection urgently sought by believers to ward off evil. Spirit worship has centuries-old roots in Cambodia…. 2 Those Khmers who claimed high status demonstrated it by sponsoring feasts and by displaying their accumulated wealth which in the case of chieftains often included several wives, married to form alliances between families from different villages. There is no evidence, however, that these societies were literate or that they drew their inspiration from abroad. It was at this stage ( around 1 st -6 th century AD) that Indian traders and missionaries little by little began to appear on the Southeast Asian mainland in search of spices, tropical birds, ivory,

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