Going Digital: the European Museum Forum Experience within the European Union BRICKS Project

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continue or succeed beyond its first year. However, 32 European museums subscribed for the first EYMA award and from these a short-list of nine was drawn up. In 1977, two significant announcements were made: “…first that sculpture Henry Moore agreed to make a suitable piece of sculpture available as permanent trophy for the Award; second that EYMA had been granted the privilege of functioning under the auspices of the Council of Europe 9 . This formal recognition opened the door to a bigger opportunity: later, in 1977, through the help of Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts, IBM chose to support EMYA providing £15,000 a year for a period of four years, in addition to covering the costs of the annual Presentation Ceremony…” 10 . EMF decided to spend part of the IBM fund for printing a brochure where the Committee wanted to express the criteria that the members should ask themselves when visiting a museum: “What battles has this museum had to fight in order to get itself established?” and “In what ways is this museum likely to change the course of museum- thinking or museum practice, either nationally or internationally?”. Until the end of 1978 EYMA had no legal identity, which indubitably represented a weakness. So, in August 1978 the European Museum Trust was established as a charitable organisation registered in UK. From that time on, the Council of Europe offered to host in Strasbourg the meeting at which the Awards are decided and to cover the relevant cost of bringing 9 The Council of Europe is the oldest political organisation of Europe, founded in 1949. It is a different organisation from the Council of European Union, which shares with Parliament the responsibility for passing laws and taking policy decisions. The Council of Europe gathers 46 countries (differently from the 25 of the European Union). Its organs are: the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly, the Congress of local and regional authorities and the 1800-strong secretariat headed since September 2004 by Secretary General Terry Davis. The Parliamentary Assembly was the first European Assembly in our Continent. It promotes cooperation among the 46 countries of the Council of Europe. The formal link between EMYA and the Council of Europe was formalized by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs with the adoption of Recommendation 806. From www.coe.int, Council of Europe site. 10 P., Galli, The European Museum Forum SWOT analysis, Paper presented at the University of London, School of Arts and Cultural Studies, 2005 26

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