Usability evaluation of the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust Library web site

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II. Related literature II.1) Web site design As I developed the site, I drew on material on design and management of web sites for libraries and information services (Clyde 2000, Cottrell and Eisenberg 1997, Fourie 1999, Gullikson et al. 1999, Houghton 2000, Kalbach 2000, Klein 2000, McCauley 2001, McCready 1997, Marques 1999, Nicotera 1999, Orna 1992, Quintana and Bardyn 1996, Rosic-Hristovski et al.1999, Schnell 2001, Tennant 1999), general literature and guidelines on web site design and navigation (e.g. Degener, Eskins 2000, Farkas and Farkas 2000, Lynch and Horton 1997, Neilsen 1997, Nielsen 2000a, Nielsen AlertBox, passim, Raymond 2001, SitePoint passim, (2001a), Web Developer’s Virtual Library passim, Web Design Group, passim, WebTechniques), and heuristic checklists (Davis 2000, Gaffney 1998, Instone 1997b, Kaiser 2001, Nielsen 1994a, 1994b, Tognazzini). The NHS Web site identity guidelines (Department of Health 2000) were borne in mind but not rigidly adhered to, as I perceived them to be too limiting (see Appendix 3). II.2) Web site usability: methodologies Overviews of web site usability issues are provided by Davis (2000), Head (1999), Lee (1998) Murray and Costanzo (1999), Nielsen (1997a, 2000) and Spool (1998). Monash (2001) provides a concise and clear overview of typically occurring usability problems. Usability testing methodologies in general, their applicability, uses and limitations are described by Anthony and Formidoni (2001), Campbell (1999), Fichter (2000), Fowler (1997), Instone passim, Levi and Conrad (1998), (2001b), passim and WebWord passim. A review and critique of web heuristics is offered by de Jong and van der Geest (2000). Card sorting is described in detail by Frederickson-Mele et al. (1998), Fuccella and Pizzolato (1998), Gaffney (2000) IBM (2001), StepTwo (2001) and Robertson (2001). Matylonek (1999) provides a detailed discussion of card sorting and cluster analysis as a tool for the initial design of library web sites. Formal observation is described in detail by Dickstein and Mills (2000). Category membership testing is described by Frederickson-Mele et al. (1998). The use of focus groups in usability testing in general is described by Nielsen (1997b).The library literature includes several accounts of the use of focus groups in library service evaluation: Young (1993), Valentine (1993), Widdows et al. (1991), Meltzer et al. (1995) and Glitz (1997). II.3) Web site evaluation: library and information services A number of studies have focused on evaluating the content and design of library web sites. Whalen (1996) carried out a brief qualitative study of academic and public library site features. Stover and Zink (1996) developed an evaluation tool for the design of library home pages based on contemporary guidelines, and evaluated the home pages of 40 American and Canadian higher education libraries. Clyde (1996) carried out a content analysis of school and public and library web sites in 13 countries. 12

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