Un'analisi linguistica di una riunione informale in Inglese come Lingua Franca

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Brief Summary The present paper intends to analyze a corpus concerning data from an informal meeting developed between young participants coming from different countries during a European multicultural exchange in English lingua franca. Such analysis wants to consider organizational and structural aspects in the meeting, basic conversational patterns and understanding problems arising during the meeting. Chapter one is a general introduction of the context in which this work is conceived, giving a brief description of the considered activity and of the general objectives the paper wants to achieve. Chapter two starts the analysis taking into consideration the meeting's structural aspect, in particular the formal meeting's one, and from this a comparison with the meeting in question will be led, to define its nature. Chapter three briefly explains the complex linguistic situation of European Union and of the exchange participants, introducing some theories about English lingua franca and basic principles about Conversation Analysis. Chapter four widens the analysis to different aspects characterizing talk-in-interaction, such as the organization of the turn-taking system, overlapping phenomena and the manifestation of understanding problems. The analysis shows the main proper structural and conversational peculiarities of an informal meeting whose participants coming from different EU countries use English as a communication lingua franca different from their own mother tongue. 4

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