Relative Navigation of Multiple Spacecraft during Proximity Maneuvers

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8 other de pending on t heir m ission. A s s pacecraft ge t c loser t o e ach ot her t he execution of 7c ollision avoidance, r endezvous, a nd doc king m aneuvers o ver a s hort timeline m ay t ake pr iority o ver opt imizing i ndividual s pacecraft's f uel c onsumption. During these c lose pr oximity maneuvers, the des ires a re to maintain e fficient fuel management while accomplishing the maneuver objective quickly. The longer each spacecraft stays in t ransition during close proximity the more p recise s tation keeping is required; therefore more propellant may be used. B. MULTIPLE SPACECRAFT MISSIONS Navigation a nd C ontrol a lgorithms f or m ultiple s pacecraft ne ed t o t ake t he similarity a nd differences o f e ach spacecraft i nto consideration, which is d iscussed in detail in Chapter II.B.1. In this research cooperative homogeneous spacecraft with similar sensors and navigation algorithms are considered. Additionally, it is useful to define the phase of the spacecraft mission in relationship to the d istances from other spacecraft or the goal position. A discussion of relative orbital mission phases is presented in Chapter II.B.2. Also, the organizational g rouping of spacecraft depends on t he manner in which the s pacecraft maintain position w ith r espect t o each other. The various or ganizational groupings of spacecraft are discussed in Chapter II.B.3. Precision control, that requires a high a ccurate na vigation, m ay be de sired i n s ome a pplications, s uch a s po inting spacecraft w ith h igh r esolution imagery p ayloads, a nd l oose control may b e de sired in other applications, such as station keeping of communication satellites. Mission motivations for autonomously navigation and synchronized multiple spacecraft in precise spatial c onfigurations a re num erous, a nd i nclude i nterferometry, c ommunications, a nd power ge neration. These c ooperative s pacecraft m ay ne ed to be a ble t o c onverge or diverge in a safe and e fficient fashion. For s ervicing missions, it may be necessary for two or more spacecraft to rendezvous, or even dock. First, multiple s pacecraft interferometry is ba sed on t he i dea that t he p recise configuration o f t he relative pos ition a nd or ientation of multiple s pacecraft pa yloads could r esult in pe rformance equivalent t o a m uch l arger spacecraft pa yload. M ultiple spacecraft are positioned in order to form a distributed array. Distributing spacecraft

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