Localization of members of the MCT monocarboxylate transporter family Slc16 in the kidney and regulation during metabolic acidosis

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particular level in the cortex or medulla. The epithelium lining of each segment has a characteristic microscopic structure related to its specialization for a specific function in the formation of urine. Traditionally, only four segments of the renal tubule were recognized, namely, the proximal convolution, the loop of Henle, the distal convolution, and the collecting duct. Each of these is further subdivided into two or more segments. At the proximal end of each nephron, there is a closed, thinwalled expansion of the tubule that is deeply invaginated to form a cup-shaped hollow structure called Bowman’s capsule. The concavity of this blind end of the nephron is occupied by a globular tuft of highly convoluted capillaries, the glomerulus. Two segments of the proximal convoluted tubule (PCT pars convoluta), situated in the cortex, and the proximal straight tubule (PST pars recta), extending from the cortex into the outer stripe of the medulla. This is followed by the intermediate tubule which is subdivided into the descending thin limb (DTL pars descendens), traversing the inner stripe of the outer medulla and extending deep into the inner medulla, and a recurrent portion, the ascending thin limb (ATL pars ascendens). At the junction of the inner and outer medulla, the ascending limb is continuous with the distal straight tubule (DST thick ascending limb) which traverses the outer medulla and continues into the cortex, where it becomes the distal convoluted tubule (DCT). In the cortex, the distal convoluted tubule is joined by a connecting tubule (CT), to a collecting duct (CD), which passes downward through the cortex and medulla to the area cribrosa of the renal papilla, where it opens into a minor calyx. The portion of the nephron, traditionally called the loop of Henle, includes the segments now called the thick descending limb of the proximal tubule, the thin descending and ascending limbs of the intermediate tubule, and the thick ascending limb of the distal tubule. 7

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