Diamonds for Bullets, Oil for Arms: ''Shadow State'' and Private Security Companies in Angola.

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Chapter I - 13 - 1.1.2 Mercenaries The term “mercenary” usually carries negative connotations, as mercenaries are assumed to be motivated by money. According to Nathan 2 , mercenaries are “soldiers hired by a foreign government or rebel movement to contribute to the prosecution of armed conflict – whether directly by engaging in hostilities, or indirectly through training, logistics, intelligence or advisory services – and who do so outside the authority of the government and defence force of their own country” (Nathan 1997). The most widely accepted definition is provided by Article 47 of the 1997 Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Convention, however: “A mercenary is any person who: a) is specifically recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in an armed conflict; b) does, in fact, take direct part in the hostilities; c) is motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that party; d) is neither a national of a party to the conflict nor a resident of a territory controlled by a party to the conflict; e) is not a member of the armed forces of a party to the conflict; and f) has not been sent by a state which is not a party to the conflict on official duty as a member of the armed forces.” Nathan’s definition is more inclusive than this one, since mercenaries tend to deny their active role in combat. However, mercenary activities go beyond active 2 Laurie Nathan is executive director of Centre for Conflict Resolution (formerly the Centre for Intergroup Studies).

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