The Design of the CoCoA 3 System

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Chapter 1Introduction to the ComputerAlgebraRecently there has been the publication of the book \Commutative Algebra with a viewtoward algebraic geometry" [Eis95]. byDavid Eisenbud. Because of the importance of theauthor this book has already become a standard reference, in particular for the commu-tative algebraist and for the algebraic geometer. The book contains a chapter about theGrobner bases and the related computational aspects of algebra. An eminent algebraicgeometer, Marc Green, in the review of this book writes textually:There is one change which has overtaken commutative algebra that is in myview revolutionary in character { the advent of symbolic computation. Thisis as yet an un nished revolution. At present, many researchers routinely useMacaulay, Maple, Mathematica, and CoCoA to perform computer experiments,and as more people become adept at doing this, the list of theorems that havegrown out of such experiments will enlarge. The next phase of this devel-opment, in which the questions that are considered interesting are in uencedby computation and where these questions make contact with the real world,is just beginning to unfold. I suspect that ultimately there will be a sizableapplied wing to commutative algebra, which now exists in embryonic form.1.1 Historical NotesThe birth and growth of algebra and of algorithms are stricly related. The origins ofboth disciplines go back to Muhammed ibn-Musa al-Khwarizmi al-Quturbulli, who was an6

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