Renaissance Self-Fashioning: ''Epicoene'' by Ben Jonson

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9 work of art both the social presence to the world of the literary text and the social presence of the world in the literary text 7 . Consequently, for a brief overview of the subject, it is appropriate to begin by tracing our cultural roots back to the Latin word effingere(fashion), a term primary used for the action or process of making, while still reminding ourselves that self-consciousness about the fashioning of human identity was widespread among the elite even in the classical word with their preoccupation about living in the right way. In fact, Nosce te ipsum(know yourself) was the aphorism inscribed in the pronaos(forecourt) of Apollo’s Temple in Delphi, while Horace wrote in his Epistles: Quo teneam vultus mutantem Protea nodo (With what knot can I hold this Proteus whose face is ever changing?) 8 . Such philosophers were concerned with cultivating the higher, more noble and refined potentialities of human beings through disciplines which were directed towards transforming the coarser energies present in men into more subtle and pleasing ones in order to live a balanced life without excess. However, the advent of Christianity brought a growing suspicion of man’s power to shape identity 9 and S. Augustine wrote, Try to build up yourself and you build a ruin 10 . Since then Christ has become the ultimate model of forming one’s self not only for the elite but for all levels of society. Indeed the Christian 7 Greenblatt,“Introduction” op. cit. 8 Horace, Epistles (I, 1, 1.90) quoted by Thomas Green, “The Flexibility of the Self in Renaissance Literature” in The Disciplines of Criticism , ed. Peter Demetz, Thomas Green, and Lowry Nelson, Jr. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1968) p. 247 9 Ibidem 10 Augustine, “sermon 169”, quoted in the Introduction of Renaissance Self-Fashioning by Stephen Greenblatt

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