Yield and Quality of Green Leafy Vegetables in Postharvest

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phenolic metabolism and therefore, the accumulation of phenolic metabolites (Tomas- Barberan et al., 2000). Moreover, the content of phenols is associated with the sensitivity to enzymatic browning in several vegetables (Brecht et al., 2004). It is well known that different stresses, location climates, microenvironments and physical and chemical stimulus (often called elicitors) qualitatively and quantitatively alter the content of bioactive secondary metabolites, and whole-plant elicitation increases the amounts of bioactive compounds in foods of plant origin. (Demmig-Adams and Adams 2002; Van Dam et al., 2004). A elicitor could to be considered the proline, which it accumulation in the cell (up to 80% of the amino acid pool under stress and 5% under normal conditions) due to increased synthesis and decreased degradation under a variety of stress conditions such as salt and drought (Delauney and Verma, 1993; Bohnert and Jensen, 1996; Kavi Kishor, 1988; Kohl et al., 1991; Parida and Das, 2005; Sarvesh et al., 1996; Schat et al., 1997; Trotel et al., 1996). Tolerance to abiotic stress, especially to salt stress, was observed in a variety of transgenics that were engineered for overproduction of proline (Kavi Kishor et al., 1995; Roosens et al., 2002). Proline seems to have diverse roles under osmotic stress conditions, such as stabilization of proteins, membranes and subcellular structures (Vanrensburg et al., 1993), and protecting cellular functions by scavenging reactive oxygen species (Bohnert and Shen, 1999; Samaras et al., 1995; Tsugane et al., 1999; Hong et al., 2000; Okuma et al., 2000, 2002; Heuer, 1994). Among various compatible solutes, proline is the only molecule that has been shown to protect plants against singlet oxygen and free radical induced damages (Alia et al., 1997). Since proline can act as a singlet oxygen quencher (Alia and Pardha Saradhi, 1993), and as a scavenger of OH· radicals, it is able to stabilize proteins, DNA as well as membranes (Matysik et al., 2002). 18

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