Prediction of signal recognition particle RNA genes

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- 15 - in the junctions has a great impact on the three-dimensional structure by orienting the stem regions that meet. They also have been implicated in the catalysis of specific reactions [19]. 2.6 Tertiary structure interactions Tertiary interactions could be defined in terms of chord crossing: the RNA sequence is drawn on a plane following a circle. Interactions between bases are depicted as straight lines (chords) connecting the bases. A secondary structure can be represented without any line crossing. Tertiary interactions occur when lines do cross. In some cases, it is difficult to discern which is the secondary and which is the tertiary interaction though. 2.6.1 Tertiary base pairing There are several examples of RNA molecules containing tertiary contacts between nucleotides in loop regions of the secondary structure called loop-loop interactions. These interactions can show conformations uncommon in secondary structure, and even a parallel strand pair has been identified. A typical tertiary interaction is the pseudoknot. It is formed by the interaction of bases in a hairpin loop with bases just outside this hairpin structure. Pseudoknots have been found in an increasing number of biological systems [20]. 2.6.2 Other tertiary interactions Intercalation of an individual base of one strand between two bases of an adjacent strand has been demonstrated in tRNA. Base triples also occur in tRNA. The third base of a base triple may bind to a Watson-Crick pair in either the major or the minor groove. It is stabilized by hydrogen bonding and stacking. Helix-helix interactions have also been observed in the crystal structure of some RNA duplexes [13].

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