Models, Algorithms and Architectures for Video Analysis in Real-time

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1.4. STRUCTURE OF THE THESIS 21 (a) Local processing (b) Distributed processing Figure 1.1: Local vs remote processing in a video analysis application going to study and develop. In the case of video analysis this implies huge amount of data and large bandwidth required. Moreover, in the case of distributed applications the data type will in uence the co-dec functioning too; 2) hardware available: which hardware is available in the system is very important. Besides being of great relevance for the performance of the system (see the above considerations on the acquisition device), the hardware can be used to improve the ef ciency of the system. Think for instance to the MPEG decoder/encoder boards that are currently spreading in the home PCs. As a conclusion, the requirements of the application can be relaxed by devolving some processing to specialized hardware; 3) local/distributed processing: as reported in Fig. 1.1 the video analysis task has different requirements depending on the type of processing; 4) type of the information to be extracted: as already stated, the level, the amount and the complexity of the information to be extracted by the application (i.e. the nal aim of the application) are key factors for evaluating the computational load required. 1.4 Structure of the Thesis This thesis has been divided in three main parts, in accordance with the steps in which this research has been conducted. The rst part will describe the study of embedded, special-purpose systems as a solution to real-time video analysis. We will rst describe the development of a Real Time Convolver (RTC) with a parallelized systolic architecture. The system has been improved

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