Models, Algorithms and Architectures for Video Analysis in Real-time

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22 CHAPTER 1. INTRODUCTION by functionally partitioning it onto a multi-FPGA device. The performance and the limits of the proposal will be depicted. Moreover, the FPGA solution is proposed for an UTC (Urban Traf c Con- trol) system called VTTS (Vehicular Traf c Tracking System). In this case, the low level module for daytime condition is depicted and deeply detailed, proposing a multi-FPGA implementation and its performance in our prototy- pal board. The second part of the thesis will focus on the multimedia cache research. In this part, that has been the main part of this three-year research, a cache tuned to multimedia and image processing application has been studied. An a-priori analysis of the feasibility by means of locality study has allowed a comprehensive development of novel prefetching techniques able to improve the overall performance of the cache of up to 140%!!! The cache has been tested on a complete benchmark including both multimedia and image pro- cessing algorithm. The last part is, indeed, the largest since it includes two of the more prof- itable topics of our research: motion detection and study of shadow detection algorithms. In the rst chapter of this part the Sakbot system already men- tioned will be deeply described, with particular focus on the shadow detec- tion algorithm. The second chapter will, instead, resume in part the previous one to present a comprehensive empirical evaluation and comparison of the state-of-the-art on moving shadow detection. A two-layer taxonomy will be introduced and more than 21 papers dealing with this topic will be classi ed. Four of them (including the one that we developed for Sakbot) have been implemented in software and compared by means of novel quantitative and qualitative metrics. Lastly, preliminary results of high-speed video analysis with the aim of computing the angle that the steering wheel of a Formula 1 s car does will be presented in the last chapter of this part. This topic is, indeed, very new and only preliminary results are available. Nonetheless, this topic seems very promising and will be, hopefully, a very relevant topic for the future research.

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