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Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly: Sleepwalking through the Wildeness

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must have something American to write about and a defined, recognizably native manner of writing it. About this conceit, Charles Brockden Brown sustained the primary role of the author: “He who shall examine objects with his own eyes, who shall employ the European models merely for the improvement of his taste, and adapt his fiction to all that is genuine and peculiar in the scenes before him, will be entitled at least to the praise of originality. ... He, therefore, who paints, not from books, but from nature, who introduces those lines and hues in which we differ, rather than those in which we resemble our kindred nations beyond the ocean, may lay some claim to the patronage of his countrymen” 7 . First of all, the American artist had the Indians and the frontier as an undeniably great literary resource. And that’s what Brown himself suggested in his preface to Edgar Huntly: America provided material widely different and therefore new, to anything British novelists possessed. The quest for an American art was fundamentally a search for the proper way to use the resources of the American land, the American past, and American society to produce something aesthetically correct, morally true, and at the same time expressive of American life and ideals. Brown himself wrote: 7 CHARLES B. BROWN, The Rhapsodist and Other Uncollected Writings by Charles Brockden Brown, ed. HARRY WARFEL, New York, Scholars’ Facsimiles & Reprints, 1977, pp. 135 - 136

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