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Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly: Sleepwalking through the Wildeness

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Pizzarro. As a law student, Brown felt the study as discordant with his mental as its practice with his personal habits. “The benefit which he proposed to derive from this severe tax upon his time was, to make his page the record of his own mind, to mark his various stages of improvement from time to time, to acquire a promptitude in his narrative of facts, and a graceful style of writing” 14 . In that period, recording daily his thoughts and copying the letters he wrote to his friends and those which he received in return, he gradually improved his style. The Rhapsodist, published in 1789 in the “Columbus Magazine”, was a series of essays, interesting mainly as emphasizing his love of solitude, in which Brown “...presented a clear sublimation of personal issues and social preoccupations into a literary form” 15 . By 1792 he had withdrawn from his studies because of the strong influence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau 16 , and then turned to literature as his chief vocation. The decision to abandon the law career was regretted by his family, who had no fortune on which he could fall back from the hazards of an author’s career for support. 14 ibid., p.12-13 15 STEVEN WATTS, The Romance of Real Life: Charles Brockden Brown and the Origins of American Culture, op. cit., p.36 16 DONALD A. RINGE, Charles Brockden Brown, op. cit., p.4

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