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Annotazioni linguistiche: una rassegna

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Abstract ABSTRACT 5 This document will deal with Linguistic Annotations applied to computer science, discussing how much it is important to express information on a language resource, and what instruments does IT provide to this purpose. It will provide a review of some practical examples of Linguistic Annotations, particularly focusing on the work of ISO, which has formed a working group [WitBro2002] to discuss the issues of linguistic annotation, analyse existent solutions and find a standard for annotating resources. Language is the way in which a living being expresses itself. Is it movement, gesture, sound, verse or sign, language gives a being the ability to communicate, that is entering in relation with the world that surrounds it, from earth and sky to other living creatures. Everything that lives does communication, from the smallest cell to the biggest animal. A cell can move, or contract, a bee dances to indicate fellow bees how to find a flower, dolphins and whales use ultrasounds to locate food and threats, many male animals use particular behaviours to court females. Lack of communication is quite a synonym for death, so the necessity to use a language is as old as the presence of life on Earth. Whatever language we consider, one feature is always present: needing to be understandable, communication between living beings of the same kind must use a common code, accepted and adopted by everyone, that permanently associates a particular sign (gesture, verse, writing etc.) with a precise meaning. For example, a cat curves its back and erects his hair to defy an enemy, and a dog shakes its tail when it is happy. The necessity of sharing a common code of communication, written or spoken, traded to next generations genetically or trough learning, is a way of expressing information on a linguistic content (or language resource, as it will be called in this document), that is a linguistic annotation. Humans have developed a great variety of languages, starting from gestures in their early existence on Earth, followed by spoken

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