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Multimedia Wireless Systems

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12 Chapter 2. Access Network Topologies ? Figure 2.1: The problem of the possible partitions of BS in an AN. required. To maintain a Seamless Service, the Handover execution time has to be kept below given values; however, the time needed for Re-Routing of connections depends on the particular path of the call and the network protocols implemented at the different interfaces. It is expected that many networks will be based on ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) [25, 38]; in this case, path Re-Routing can introduce longer execution times than Radio-Handover, depending on the particular path [46], the traf c on the network, etc. Hence the simultaneous execution of the two mechanisms can provide problems when a quick handover is required. These can be solved by means of suitable Re-Routing techniques [40] or by separing the two mechanisms. From the simultaneous execution point of view, this thesis investigates a method to mini- mize the number of Handovers needing a Path Re-Routing, that is, the number of Inter-RNC Handovers. This can be obtained through suitable determination of the Partition 1 of BSs in the scenario (so that cells belonging to the same group are connected to the same RNC), that minimizes the number of Inter-RNC Handovers (see Fig. 2.1): it will be named the Optimum Partition . This methodology requires the estimation of the Handover Rates between the BSs (or between the Nodes B) that can be obtained during Network Planning by means of suitable modeling, simulation or from the eld if an existing network is being updated. In real environments the Handover Rates between different couples of BSs depend on ge- ographical, electromagnetic, teletraf c and other considerations. As a consequence, a good partition of BTSs, compared to a generic (not suitably chosen) one, can lead to a relevant re- 1Since the capacity of RNCs is limited, to serve the whole area, many RNC are needed.

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