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A Theory of Diversification

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4 INTRODUCTION 1 During the last decade there has been a repetitive imperative towards large enterprises: �focus on the core� from consulting firms, which is a precise recommendation to stick to the main business. Theorists of strategic management, industrial organisation, evolutionary economics, and other fields of economic science have given various and convincing explanations to such a tendency. Here it is worth noticing that explanations in terms of efficiency and profitability of �coherent-business� firms do not set out -among others- the reasons why in the sixties the tendency of large enterprises� strategies seemed to go in the opposite direction: conglomerate diversification. The purpose of this thesis is to provide the issue of diversification with a comprehensive theory. By �comprehensive� I do not mean that the theory covers every detail but that it explains all types of diversification together, from geographical to conglomerate. However I will focus on geographical diversification and conglomerate diversification, since these have been explained to a lesser degree in economic science. The study is divided into two parts. Each part includes two chapters. The first part is an overview of the main explanations of diversification and a selection of relevant concept and definitions. In chapter 1 I do not face an easy task. I will try to show the structure of a puzzling list of numerous opinions about the diversification�s rationale. This is due to the fact that there is no common framework. The reading of �Corporate Diversification� by Cynthia Montgomery (1994) helped me shed a little light on this field of economic literature. Chapter 2 represents a link towards the theory. Here I will separate the relevant concepts and definitions arising from different points of view within an economic clause: the subject (very large firms), 1 I wish to thank Dottoressa JayneTomlins for having corrected my original English, my tutor Professor Luigi Marengo for helpful suggestions, my external tutor Professor Gianfranco La Grassa for his availability, my sister Alessia for her help in editing the thesis.

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