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The development of a passenger shipping line in Albania: Economical and operational consideration.

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5 CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION I.1. PURPOSE AND PRESENTATION OF THE SUBJECT This work is a presentation of the passenger and vehicle transportation by sea in and out Albania. Being impossible (not practicable as well) to cover this activity in all its details, the attention is focused on the port of Durres, which represents about 80 % of the total Albanian ferry traffic. Although Albania serves of direct sea connections with Yugoslavia and Greece respectively on north and south directions, the major destination of passenger shipping is Italy. This country that is the main trade partner for Albania. It is enough to mention that for the period 1997 � 2001, to Italy were directed in average 63.4 % of exports and 39.4 % of imports, second place held by Greece, with respectively 16 % and 27.6 % (Common Country Assessment � Albania, p.91). Italian ports are source or destination for about 94 % of trailers and 99 % of the passenger and car traffic that enters and leaves Durres, as per year 2001 figures. A brief history of the development of the passenger shipping in Albania is provided at the beginning. Its strong relation with the political situation in Albania is mentioned and their interrelation is briefly presented. Then the traffic data are presented and analyzed, as effected by various operators, types of ships and ports of call. The 1995-2001 data are dealt with more carefully, trying to discover the starting rush of the traffic as well as the fluctuating trend of a stabilized operation afterwards. All this will serve as background to the plan of inserting a new passenger shipping line in operation. The analysis is deepened in the subsequent chapter, whereby the actual company is dealt with in a real-like situation and a simple financial analysis is provided. Finally, in two short chapters some administrative and legal matters of the national and international type

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