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A substrate integrated power divider/combiner for multidevice millimeter wawe applications

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5to compute, from which then it is pretty easy to obtain the relative SIW (more difficult to simulate because of the holes). The activity described in this report has been developed during a period of 7 months that I spent in Montreal where I worked on my final project at Poly-Grames Research Center, ´ Ecole Polytechnique de Montre´al. The task was to design, manufacture and measure a substrate integrated circuit able to host surface mounting active devices in order to be used as an amplification unit in the K a band. The purpose of this unit is to be used in a transceiver, which means that the input power is pretty high and can not be supported by a single reasonably cheap surface mounting amplifier, so the amplification must be distributed among a certain number of amplifiers. The most innovative aspect of my project is that, in order to maximize the integration density, I was asked to find a solution that allows to mount the amplifiers on both side of the substrate. The final aim of this project was to manufacture a structure that hosted 4 amplifiers, 2 on each branch of a waveguide power divider/combiner. Fig. 2 shows all the different junctions and transitions involved in my project. The first and the last transition are necessary to connect the whole device to the Network Analyzer, the power divider/combiner divides (and then re- combine) the signals, finally, in each branch of the power divider, the power is split again in two, in order to feed trough a coplanar waveguide two am- plifiers, mounted one on each side of the substrate. The development of my project in Canada can be roughly divided in six steps: • design, realization and test of a coplanar to rectangular waveguide tran- sition;

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