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English Vinglish

You can fragment the text
Indian culture
How the verbal part is constructed? What kind of attitude?
Semiotic. How are characters presented? Have they an identity? Are they in opposition?

When you put 2 things together but not explicitly
When they are presented, they drive users' attention to one of the two
The final aim is to entertain
It’s a visual text made of visual and text
The text is always a communicative text
It’s a normative text, expressive but they could lie like politic texts. It’s fiction
The very first meaning it’s the plot, we have to go a little bit deeper.
Role of women, English/Indian culture, English as a mean of improving social level.
Do they speak English in the family? What are the contexts in which the 2 language are spoken?
English only on job context, so it’s more important. Hindi is on a lower state
The relationship between wife and husband is not happy but only about the language
How the levels are hidden, verbal and visual

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