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Conquering Foreign Markets: The UMTS Case

Telecommunications play a significant role in the mankind’s life. In fact, we cannot even realize how much we are dependent on it in our every day life. Telecommunications has become indispensable.
The telecommunications industry is one of the most developing ones. It promises a great amount of profit which results in a very fierce competition. The biggest companies achieve very positive results by significant investment in Research and Development, since it is one of the best ways to diversify and to offer something unique to the customers that enables the firms to charge a premium price and to obtain extra profit and sometimes the quality is the key point in the competition.
Recently the internationalization of the telecommunications business has been extremely important. Many big companies have built a worldwide network, establishing a world known brand name. Some firms were forced to go international by their competitors’ internationalization. Not every company has the capabilities, both in sense of capital access and managerial knowledge, to successfully compete on an international level.
Several years ago we could see in science fiction movies what has just become available for the average consumer: video calls. And almost unbelievable, we can start video calls on mobile phones, on small phones, even walking on the street. And video calls are just the beginning. Thanks to the high transfer rate we use our mobile phones for as a fast internet connection. This technology has led us to the area of third generation of the mobile communication (3G).
One of the leading companies in this 3G is the Hutchison Telecom which has entered several markets only in couple of years. This study will focus on the 3G mobile communication industry, on the Hutchison Telecom position and on its internationalization process.

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1. Introduction 1.1 Research Topic: My research topic studies the telecommunications industry with a focus on the third generation mobile communication (later referred to as 3G), based on the new technology called UMTS. Furthermore I am going to analyze the Hong Kong based company Hutshicon Whampoa Ltd’s (its telecommunications subsidiary the Hutchison Telecom Ltd, referred to later as Hutchison, H3G and ‘Three’) position on the 3G market and how it set up the world’s first third generation mobile business in the UK in 2003 and entered other major telecommunications markets. 1.2 Research Question How is the 3G industry looks like on the global level? How to choose a target market when internationalizing in the telecommunications industry? Which market entry mod suits the best in the telecommunications industry when we are introducing a new technology? 1.3 What is UMTS/3G: In short, the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) is the new generation cell phone network that enables users to make video calls, surf on the internet, watch live television broadcasts (live! TV) and access new multimedia content such as video clips and true tones with voice. The technology also improves the speed of access and view of goals, movie trailers and sports videos, and provides ability to construct an online music shop. This highly sophisticated technology is expected to be the successor of the current GSM network (also 5

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