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Entrepreneurial Experience and Internationalization in Creative Industries: The Culture Business Case Study

Which process brings a creative industry start up on the international scene? Which parameters can evaluate the internationalization? This work focuses on The Culture Business srl, an audiovisual agency based in Bologna. Its establishment, its geographical cluster and its relationship with the international cinematographic scene.

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CHAPTER I FANATIC ABOUT TCB - BRIEF INTRODUCTION ON THE CULTURE BUSINESS AND THE FANATICS ABOUT CINEMA - 1. INTRODUCTION TO THE ACTIVITIES The creative industries have been seen to become increasingly important to economic well-being, proponents suggesting that "human creativity is the ultimate economic resource 1 ” and that “the industries of the twenty-first century will depend increasingly on the generation of knowledge through creativity and innovation 2 ". The festival sector in Italian cultural and economic landscape is, actually, an industry that has seen, in 2009, investments for 400 millions € and an induced consumption of 1.5 billions € spread on 937 events during the whole year 3 . Festivals and cultural events are important resources for territories which want to expand and develop both culturally and (consequently) economically. The Culture Business (TCB) 4 has been able to understand and gather the challenges proposed by this budding industry. Explaining the complicated web of activities established by The Culture Business wonʼ t be simple. Born as an agency for integrated services dedicated to cinematographic festivals, it is becoming more important year after year, event after event; turning into a reference point for every cultural operator. The activities developed by this Bologna-based small firm, are quite 1 1 Florida, Richard - The Rise of the Creative Class. And How it's Transforming Work, Leisure and Everyday Life, Basic Books, 2002 2 Howkins, John - The Creative Economy: How People Make Money From Ideas, Penguin, 2001 3 Micardi, Federica - In Italia tre festival al giorno. Il Sole 24 Ore, Lunedì 2 Novembre 2009 4 The Culture Business srl Via Paolo Fabbri 1/3, 40138 Bologna, Italy. P.IVA/CF: 02338891209

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