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Innovation, Opportunities and Outlooks in the Music Industry

A deepen description of the music scenario in terms of music sales and in terms of manufacture industry. The music industry is the best example of innovation due to the digital revolution, while the musici manufacture industry is in great expansion thanks to the raising number of potential customers who approach music production and performance.

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Introduction “The music industry has faced for first compared to others the epochal switch from analog to digital.” Alessandro Massara, Universal Music Italy The first thing I want everybody to know about this thesis is that is widely experience based. I’m 25 years old and I’ve been working in the music scoop for more that 10 years. Mostly in Italy, also in Spain and France and, with this last exciting stage, in the United States. Being an electronic music producer I’ve been in touch with every side of the industry as an artist, as a promoter and, now, as a marketing director assistant in the manufacturing industry. Even tough my work is about music industry in general, my experience is about electronic music, the fastest developing sector in this market; for this reason I will mainly focus my thoughts and analysis on this part that can be quite often assimilated to the entire industry (maybe sometimes it’s just ahead than the rest in terms of market dynamics). I also want to say a couple of things about the studies I’m going to end. When I started my path at Politecnico di Torino five years ago, I obviously couldn’t imagine how things would have gone. I knew I was meant to travel because my course is fashioned to take people around Europe and, eventually, around the world. As I started studying, in the shoes of a discrete student (nothing more than that) I started figuring out, slowly, day by day, that I was very lucky. I don’t want it to sound like a prosaic commendation to the people who are now giving me a degree, I would just like the reader to focus on what happened during my last five years of life. I got at Politecnico in 2009 that I was on all effects a boy. The only thing I knew was that I loved music and that, a few months before of that moment, I experimented the feeling of getting a world success with a track I had produced one morning in my bedroom. I decided to carry on studying for multiple reasons: my parents, my future and my friends. I could have decided to stop studying and to focus on something that could (maybe) turned into a real job, but I decided I wanted to continue to discover all I could about the world. Now, that I’m 25 years-old an I’m officially going to stop being a student (such a creepy feeling) I find myself again in Torino, again at Politecnico but with so many new things in my head and in my personality. Thanks to this course I learnt three new languages, I’ve been living in three new countries, in two different continents, I’ve been meeting and living persons from all over the world and I’ve been understanding so many new things about the music market. 5

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