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Global English

Lingua Franca
400-500 million speakers (pidgins and varieties):

3 kind of steps:
1. It doesn’t consider English as a lingua Franca, it’s related to the use as a second language.
2. The second language is a language that you study in the context where it’s spoken.
3. The foreign language is for example English for us.

Official or semi-official: it’s used in every form on the nation, for example political. Non native speakers start influencing native speakers. Sociolinguistics have no tools to analize the situation; there are sections of administration that don’t use English, it’s a consequence of some political issues.
Mother tongue and another language: languages are considered equal, there is coexistence, it’s a kind of mix.

The rise of English in relation to:
1. Intrinsic and extrinsic factors
2. Politics – economics – the press – advertising – broadcasting – movies – pop music – airspeak – seaspeak – communication – education (1960)
3. Money. Money is the USA and they use English. It’s related to financial money, to capitalism. The products are addressed to a wider world.
4. English was the 1st language to be used in radio-programs. The birth of radio-programs was in English.
5. Movies: the production are in English, movie picture.
6. Related to money, feature of the English language. It’s a stress time language. It has the same rhythm in a spun, it’s not based on sillabes.
7. Language spoken in airplanes or ships. It was a decision, not only you get things in English, but also people who work there speak English.
8. Related to everything, for example language of politicians.
9. It’s a choice. English is taught as a foreign language (language choice as a foreign language 1° level). Some areas/domains require English competence to be accessed, for example IT, you have to know English.
Courses are run entirely in English in some areas (2° medium of instruction)
3° English publication are published in English, this is a kind of discriminating, it is giving the other languages less hour.

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