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Child Soldiers International: la situazione delle bambine soldato nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo

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Facoltà: Mediazione Linguistica e Culturale

Autore: Elena Laura Turcu Contatta »

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10 Intervention A2: Organise “welcome” ceremonies for returning girls. WHY? The purpose of such a ceremony is to offer a welcoming gesture on behalf of the family and the community and to emphasize their responsibility to care for their child who is coming home after much suffering. HOW? The ceremony can take different forms: it can be a prayer, a traditional ritual, a meal, or simple words of thanks for the return of the girl. WHO BY? This ceremony will be all the more effective if it is carried out by a respected member of the community and if, besides the girl and her family, it includes a large number of members of the community. WHEN? If possible, the ceremony should take place at the very moment of the girl’s return - but it’s never too late! Such interventions have also proved effective in cases where girls have returned months or even years earlier. The need for such ceremonies for girls who still suffer rejection long after their return should therefore be considered. PRACTICAL GUIDANCE FOR THOSE ORGANISING THE CEREMONIES  Encourage all ceremony participants to welcome the girl, who deserves their sympathy and support; to be patient with her because she has suffered much; and to help her find her place among them, even if it is not always easy.  The children of returning girls should also be welcomed and recognised as new and full members of the community.  Provide a sharing of drinks and food during the ceremony if possible. Avoid exposing girls who prefer to hide or isolate themselves, even though the reasons for this isolation are usually linked to the fear of rejection. It is our duty to talk to these girls and to examine with them the benefits of such a ceremony.
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